During a time of distance, we鈥檙e drawing people in.

Art connects us all 鈥 bringing beauty, creativity and meaning that can lift our spirits. Even when a global pandemic shuts down gallery spaces, art can still be shared with the world.

Seniors in Oregon State鈥檚 fine arts program spend months 鈥 sometimes years 鈥 preparing to showcase their art in their final spring term. And despite COVID-19, they did. Their exhibition 鈥溾 transformed from an on-campus event to a completely digital experience.

Students initially worried the intricacies of embroidery, paint, sculpture and other elements might be lost. But after thinking beyond physical space and exploring new mediums, they discovered a digital art show had the potential to make an impression on a much larger audience than a single gallery presentation. Their swift adaptation also developed new skills making dynamic art for a digital world 鈥 an advantage as they launch their careers.

Art relentlessly pushes boundaries. And pulls us together.

鈥淎rt has existed long before art galleries, and it will exist long after. Artists are always finding new ways to get their ideas out into the world.鈥

Andrew Nigon | Instructor
College of Liberal Arts